Meet Silas Wilhelm Gärtner

Silas is an independent capmaker and the founder and owner of the danish company Wilgart. Based on skilled craftsmanship, original design and supreme materials Wilgart’s handmade hats are made on the small island of Bornholm and sold in Copenhagen. Silas approached us to help him take his business to the next level by designing a brand-new visual identity and collateral materials.

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Craftsmanship with a heart

Silas is not just an excellent craftman but also a man of artistic skills, and thoughtful process. As he had always been very close to the development of the identity of his brand, it was very important to him that it stayed honest, unique and love-filled, and also captured his understanding of Nordic design, to match his Bornholm background. We faced the challenge to encompass all of the above while keeping the logo simple enough to make it suitable for embroidery.


The custom-made logo type is based on modern German font principles. We infused it with a human touch by rounding the corners and adding elements from script typography.


Most of today’s communication takes place online, but in order to complete a graphic profile, a brand’s visual universe has to engage with people’s daily lives by creating touchpoints in reality to create a complete experience. We always advice our customers to take the final step and to create awareness on all platforms and touch point such as stationery and packaging materials.

Sweet brutalism

In Wilgart’s photography we created a raw, construction-inspired environment with the handcrafted, lovingly-made product countering this simple and cool universe.

“When you work with something that truly matches your idea of the best occupation imaginable, then finding a visual expression to follow you into that adventure, becomes essential to your identity. With the design of logo, font and the creative directory from Today, the company stands clearer as ever. For Wilgart the most enjoyable thing in life is capmaking. An equaling satisfaction is evident when Today creates a visual identity from scratch. A love for craft and immersion, results in a perfect match.”

Silas Gärtner, CEO & Capmaker at Wilgart


It makes us incredibly happy to see this cool company growing day by day. They started 2013 out of a small basement and now got a flagship store in the fashionable Jæggerbrogsgade in Copenhagen, with production facilities on Bornholm. Thanks Silas for the fantastic collaboration in the past years – we are looking forward to shooting the next collection soon!

Film: Silas Wilhelm Gärtner
Photo Assistant: Christian Lindberg