Canadian-crafted Sake

Rainforest Sake is a Vancouver-based specialty brewery aiming to not only follow in the footsteps of the many great Japanese breweries they draw inspiration from, but to help forge a new and unique North American identity for Sake. Their brewery staff trained in Japan to bring to the Canadian West Coast a high- quality and locally handcrafted product to help a new audience discover and appreciate this fine beverage.

Client: Rainforest Sake
Year: 2021
Industry: Craft Brewery
Visual identity
Product design

From Japan to the West Coast

Vancouver is surrounded by lush temperate rainforests which not only served as an inspiration for the name of the brand: The West Coast’s rainforests are filled with ancient cedars which are a very important part of traditional Japanese Sake brewing methods. Thus, the term rainforest serves as a link between between West Coast Canada and Japan.

Famous plant species from the Canadian rainforest served as a source of inspiration for the brand: Salal with Berries, Sword Fern Leaf, Pine Branch and Bunchberry.

A social drink with a long history

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice and truly a drink with a long history. The first origins of this beverage have been dated to around 500 BC and in the long centuries of its existence many different types have evolved over time. With a mission to not only promote local craftsmanship but also the social aspect of this multi-facetted drink Rainforest Sake’s lineup includes four types of finely crafted Sake, namely Honjozo, Junmai, Genshu and Ginjo.

"Integrity to the product is our number one value. As a company we also strive to enrich the community that surrounds us through positive relationships, community involvement, and proactive resource management to reduce our carbon footprint."

Arthur Remy, CEO