Built by local craftsmen, the Energy Academy opened in 2007. The house is a demonstration and meeting place for local citizens, guests and visitors with an interest in sustainable energy, community power and sustainable development. The academy is also an organization working on many different projects related to the continuous development of the Danish island Samsoe and on the island becoming a fossil free by 2030.

The Energy Academy has an ongoing exhibition and arranges workshops, conferences and courses. Each year 5000 scientists, companies, politicians, journalists, school children and energy tourists from all over the world visit Samsoe to experience the sustainable energy island and learn from local experiences. Subsequently, this visual identity project required focus on ‘next practice’ as well as ‘best practice’.

Keywords: #energy #transparency #responsibility #community #sustainability #ownership #autonomy #solidarity


Malene Lunden, creative leader and project manager at the Energy Academy, was looking for a team to create the academy’s new website. After a field trip to Samsø it was agreed to extend the assignment to an overall identity project, which included an overhaul of their logo (an abstraction of a windmill) to bring their identity into the 21st century. We created a visual that could encompass the essence of all sources of sustainable energy and communicated the academy’s network of locals and experts and the synergy it encompasses.

Across media

The Energy Academy receives huge amount of visitors from around the world every year. Therefore, the new logo had to be adaptable to all media applications – from the website to tote bags in the academy’s gift shop.

"People say: 'Think globally and act locally,' but I say you have to think locally and act locally, and the rest will take care of itself."

Søren Hermansen – Founder, Time Magazine's "Hero of the Environment 2008"


If you are in Denmark and have not visited The Energy Academy yet then its definitely something you have to check out during a visit to Samsø. It's truly incredible, at their research and project is actually something that changes this world to something better. The has been a hugely rewarding, collaborative project and we are very extremely to have been able to be part of it.

Print production: Center tryk
Textile print production: Trykker tøsen
Web Developer: Jacob Wenzel