Aligning spaces

Tables offers comprehensive management, application, and design services for hospitality groups. The New Hampshire-based firm combines the right professionals in unique constellations to solve and create the perfect solution for hospitality investors and managers.

Tables takes a total business design approach from how people flow through the interior to cross-software data mapping. Their vision is to create carefully designed spaces that positively impact people beyond their immediate experience.

Client: Tables
Year: 2019
Industry: Hospitality Design Services
Visual identity
Website Design
Stationery Design

Top level view

Tables is an umbrella organization grouping various disciplines into a complex service structure, with the aim to create spaces that allow flow and meaningful experiences. Following this direction we created a simple visual universe to capture their brand identity.

Inspired by Anish Kapoor color combinations we took the bauhaus design language and transformed it into a more modern expression, with light and simple typography.


With a strong color scheme, a flexible font family and bold logotype we landed on a simple yet confident profile with a high level of recognizability. The logo’s shapes can easily be used as graphic elements to increase visual impact.

"Our decision making is steered towards purpose-driven design, honesty, and patience. We enjoy working with people that are transparent and genuine. We like to have the urgency and confidence of the hare, but the persistence and carefulness of the tortoise."

Paul Ambrose, CEO