Turning scientific research into actions

Rockwool Fonden Intervention defines, develops and trials potential solutions to the challenges faced by today’s welfare society.

Develop Toolkit is a design tool for professionals working with youth. There is great potential for designing experiences and communities that support a positive development during adolescence. Based on the latest scientific research, the toolkit enables teams to develop new ideas and turn them into concrete actions.

Client: Rockwool Fonden Intervention
Year: 2021
Scope: Visual identity, print design, print management, illustration, animation

Research made relatable

In recent years, brain and behavioral science has contributed to a new perspective on adolescence as a time full of development and potential. It is not solely the teenage years that are significant – the whole period from the beginning of puberty to the mid-twenties represents a unique and crucial chapter in our development as human beings.

During the design process, our focus lied on creating an inspiring and engaging, yet unexcited and safe visual universe that bridges the gap between academic scientific content and an audience without any previous knowledge on the topic.

From insights to action

Visual communication is a powerful tool to make the complex simple. The toolkit is a practical tool that makes it possible for everyone who works professionally with youth, to apply insights from brain and behavioral science directly to their interaction with their young audiences.

The toolkit has been developed with inputs from NGOs, practitioners and researchers. It is designed to guide the user through an idea development workshop in four steps in two hours.

It requires no special qualifications to use the toolkit, and there is no need for a facilitator. Through animated storytelling we introduce the audience to the topic and demonstrate how to use the toolkit.

Online collaboration

The digital edition of the Develop Toolkit is based on Miro, an online platform for collaboration.

The tool kit is free and accessible in an interactive online format, so professionals can collaborate, no matter where they are. Every group will have free access to their own toolkit, which they can always return to and continue working in.

“I could not have imagined a better visual design partner than Today Studio. The team embraced the complexity of the design challenge with curiosity, clarity and enthusiasm, bringing to life a unified, accessible, and beautiful product across all the different physical and digital elements of the toolkit. It is an absolute joy to experience how people are empowered to engage with scientific content and create actionable ideas due to thoughtful design.”

Lizette Taguchi, Rockwool Fonden Intervention

Turning scientific research into tangible, actionable products is something we take great pleasure and pride in. It was incredibly insightful and inspiring to work with Rockwool Fonden Intervention who brought true expertise, thoroughness and passion to this holistic project. If you work with youth and would like to get your hands on one of the toolkits visit developtoolkit.dk

Project Lead:
Lizette Taguchi, Rockwool Fonden
Interaction design:
Let’s Co
Anthropological advisor:
Johanne Elholm Bergman, Rockwool Fonden