An Open Platform

Open Platform (OP) is a Copenhagen-based practice founded by architect power couple Jennifer Dahm Petersen and Niels Lund Petersen. It’s not a purely architectural firm but an open platform for expressing oneself and enlighten others through architecture, politics and art. When launching OP as a continuation of their long and successful careers in architecture Niels and Jennifer approached us to create a brand identity that could capture not only OP’s spirit, but was also capable to embrace any creative output OP might give birth to down the road.

Client: Open Platform
Year: 2020
Industry: Architecture
Visual identity
Print Design
Website Design

A space for everything

Being an idea- and principle-driven organisation OP’s output spans a large variety of projects and media. When working through their references while defining their positioning it became obvious that we had to create a flexible identity framework that was able to contain all sorts of levels of visual expressions yet be clearly recognizable.

Watch this space

OP’s new visual identity evolves from the open platform idea. In the identity system, two elements, the O and the P, operate within, and adapt to, a variable space. At the same time the letters themselves create a space. The “inbetween” becomes a flexible canvas for OP’s visual and verbal expressions – and potentially even the viewer’s personal projection.

We created a flexible yet easy to apply system, so the team can spend their valuable time creating great work.

The concept was carried through also on the website, where OP clearly differentiates itself from other architecture firms not only visually but also verbally, not shying away to state opinions and challenging the status quo.

One fits all

In OP’s new identity the logo moves beyond solely being a brandmark but becomes a flexible, yet recognizable framework.

The easy-to-apply framework operates in neutral colors (black or white) to allow the content to be as visually expressive as possible.

"We use the power of ideas to develop designs, buildings and environments, that minimize the human imprint on nature and maximize the positive impact on human life. In times of challenge, it’s time to act."

Jennifer Dahm Petersen / Niels Lund Petersen – Founders and Partners of OP

It's alive

It's been fantastic to witness the enthusiasm, recklessness and creativity with which OP has embraced their new identity. Seeing a client grasp and actively explore a concept is exactly what we are hoping to achieve with our design process, so a double high five to the OP team for rocking their new brand – we can't wait to see what the future brings for this fantastic firm.

Code: Rama Studio