Shapers of tomorrow

The Ecole Internationale de Genève in Switzerland (in short, Ecolint) has in its nearly 100 year history consistently been a frontrunner in international education, teaching their students to become active global citizens and shapers of the future.

When Director General David Hawley approached us to review and re-fresh their current visual identity it was clear to us that not only had our work to support their vision and mission but ideally become an active driver and source of inspiration to all stakeholders.

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The non-profit school is the birthplace of the International Baccalaureate Program and one of the largest international school in the world, bringing together students from across the globe on 3 unique campuses in the UN’s Capital.








Mother tongues

Designing clarity

Ecolint’s identity had over the years grown into an complex organism that lacked clarity and flexibility. We decided to systematically strip down and re-build their typography and color palette in order to build a strong core which we then extended with additional elements to allow for versatile application.

A playful system

The identity system provides strong brand recognition amongst the school’s competitors while giving a lot of room for play and versatile application. The school is a place of constant change and innovation and the identity’s elements need to be able to interact with high flexibility to create active and ever evolving visual communications.

Systematic touchpoints

Interaction of the visual identity’s elements is determined by level of communication (internal/external, centralized/ campus-driven) and invites a flexible, modular approach across media.

Sparking curiosity

The identity’s display font offers unique opportunities to spark curiosity in both staff and students. In our “One Word” concept we play with the observation that many words we use in today’s public discourse actually don’t mean the same to everybody. Challenging Ecolint’s students with their different cultural backgrounds to reflect on their own and others perception is a great example of how visual design can kickstart thinking processes and human interaction.

"But most of all we are hungry to do more. To reflect on where we can improve. To strive always to do better than our previous best. To learn from others. To innovate and develop our provision so that today’s students – and tomorrow’s – will be able to leave the world better than they found it."

David Hawley, Director General


Brands are nothing without people and we are glad we had the opportunity to connect and spar with Ecolint's experienced and passionate team. When working with a large organisation and their in-house design team it's important to develop solutions that not only inspire and push the brand forward but also to understand and respect internal processes and realities. We therefore made sure to have a very enjoyable and engaging 2-day workshop with their in-house designer where we collaborated on idea refinement and flexible layout systems based on real-life material and process.

Videography: Ecole Internationale de Genève