Shopping luxury

Vancouver-based Black Goat Cashmere creates luxurious designs made from 100% natural cashmere fibers. Owners Claudia and Robert Remy combine flawless taste with an incredible knowledge of their product and decades of business experience. Their customer service is personable, knowledgable and sophisticated. Upon the opening of their very first store we set out to create a luxurious yet uncomplicated brand with a logo that had the ability to encapsulate the company’s product and delight their selective target market.

Keywords: #luxury #quality #elegance #timeless #minimalist

A mark to remember

The company name and product led the way during the logo design process, with the luxurious feel of cashmere being a key inspiration. The custom logotype mirrors the feel of the goat illustration. While elaborate, the logo is simple enough to be embroidered, embossed or applied in 3D.

For accompanying typography we decided on Sevigne, an elegant sans serif font whose clear lines add a contemporary and high-end look to the brand.

Taking it online

After creating the key elements of Black Goat Cashmere’s stationery, packaging and branded clothing elements we moved on to creating their online store.

Working on the Magento framework we designed a fully custom-built, responsive e-commerce site. The block grid enables the staff to easily highlight and categorise products and the large imagery puts the Black Goat’s beautiful products front and centre.

One more thing

After a very successful launch into the Canadian luxury fashion world Black Goat decided to expand their product range and created a store solely dedicated to selling cashmere coats. The Coat Room needed to be communicated as a unique shopping destination with its own logo, stationery and signage.

We created a logo design that derived from the original logo and worked with the same brand colors and fonts to tie the new location into the now established Black Goat brand.

“It is a pleasure working with you! We think that our long-lasting relationship speaks volumes about you and your abilities to understand exactly what we expect from your designs. We’re very fortunate to have you on our side! Thanks again for helping us to become so successful. Your quick responsiveness and superb follow-up keeps us on track for a flawless execution. You are truly amazing, professionally and personally, and do such terrific work for us at Black Goat Cashmere."

Robert & Claudia Remy, Owners

Final words

Since launching their first store in downtown Vancouver, Black Goat Cashmere has expanded to 5 stores in 3 cities across Canada, including one store at the prestigious Bloor Street in Toronto. The logo design won "Best Logo Design British Columbia" at the Canadian Regional Design Awards and has been featured in both online and print publications.

Photography: Darrell Lecorre, Jamie Mann
Web development: Web Studios West