Square one

Following Vancouver-based Combo Creative‘s call to action, we were tasked with designing a visual identity and full campaign for an new real estate project in Canada’s West Coast capital. Developer Austeville Properties was in the process of creating a brand new rental building located in one of Vancouver’s most desirable neighbourhoods, counter-balancing the shortage in well-designed and central rental spaces in a city where sky-rocketing real estate prices are forcing an increasing number of residents to shift their focus from ownership to rental accommodation.

The brand and campaign for this project needed to communicate the new trend of rental living in a fresh and desirable way, while smoothly integrating with Austeville Properties own brand. When it was announced that the building would be called Art on 6th we knew we were in for a treat.

Keywords: #artoflife #fresh #different #versatile #human #community #professional #quality

Art's identity

After researching on Art on 6th competitors and exploring different conceptual directions, we expanded the Austeville color palette with a vibrant, eye-catching red and created a logo design and photographic language that was memorable yet simple enough to be applied across all media, including signage, advertising and social profiles. The website design was one of our first focus points in order to enable early sign-ups for Art on 6th’s waitlist.

Rolling it out

Art on 6th’s campaign included the full spectrum from social media, outdoor and print advertising, to cinema commercials. The long hours we put in during the visual identity development paid out as the brand’s visual language easily adapted across the different application types.

Real Estate Advertising Banner
“Austeville's entire business model is based on renting. As a result our tenants are our most important stakeholders, and they can count on us to be around for the long term. We strive to create strong ties between our residents and their neighbourhoods and communities – one that fosters a sense of belonging that can be hard to come by in most rental buildings.”

Austeville Properties, Art on 6th developer

Final words

As with any real estate project Art on 6th has been long in the making and we are proud to see it making its mark out there. Being able to take the Art on 6th brand across multiple channels has been a very rewarding experience – thanks to Combo Creative for running the project so smoothly! In June 2018 already over 1500 people had signed up for the Art on 6th priority waitlist, even with the rental centre still to open. We are looking forward to seeing the first renters move in this Summer!

Brand & marketing strategy: Combo Creative
Copy writing: Combo Creative
Renderings: LNG Studios