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We are a globally operating visual identity and digital design studio based in Copenhagen. Our clients are actively driving positive change within or outside their organisations.



Harvard Law School EELP

Black Goat Cashmere

Harvard Law School EELP

Designing for unbiased expertise

Harvard Law School EELP

Harvard Law School EELP

Harvard Law School EELP

Harvard Law School EELP

Articles & News

Updates on our latest projects, product releases and collaborations.

It’s time for a new website! … or is it?

Before jumping into a website re-design, make sure it's for the right…

Visualize it

The power of brand-aligned illustrations explained in a nutshell.

Structural Engineering

Designing for a company that makes great architecture happen.

Made to Measured

A sneak peek into our work for Measured Architecture.


Whether you have a project that could use our help, or whether you want to join the team, we are always looking for collaborations – so don't be shy...